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IEG is a small employee-owned company of 30 professionals consciously assembled to provide consulting expertise in applied ecological and cultural research.

We are dedicated to working at the interface between humans and their environments, and apply innovative approaches to ecosystem and cultural assessment, repair and support, and to land-use management. We practice in the disciplines of ecology, ethnoecology, reclamation science, and cumulative-effects studies. Our small size and broad expertise allow us to be agile and focused in responding to our clients’ needs. IEG has personnel in coastal British Columbia, southern Alberta, Ottawa, Montreal, and northern New Mexico.

Currently, over half the employees are active shareholders, with the intention of increasing the number of active employee shareholders over time. As an employee-owned company, employees are actively involved in decision making at a company level.


Everyone at IEG believes that with energy, determination, creativity, and commitment, we can make a positive difference through our work


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IEG was founded on the principle that humans are an integral part of the natural environment.

Our lives wholly depend on the existence of healthy ecosystems, but our practices can cause substantial stress to these systems. Thus the health of our societies relies on our ability to responsibly maintain and repair ecosystem health. IEG’s work is focused on innovative research and approaches to promote healthy ecosystems and cultures that support goals of responsible stewardship and management.


IEG is an owner and core member of the ALCES Group. ALCES is a world leader in the delivery of land-use cumulative-effects modeling tools, strategic land-use planning advice, and the provision of practical strategies to assist government, business, and society.

ALCES assists clients with developing strategic plans for triple bottom line – people, planet and profit. It is a unique collaboration of planners, environmental scientists, and computer simulation programmers who share a deep commitment to helping clients make balanced, informed decisions that achieve environments in which we and our grandchildren can thrive.


We work with clients and collaborators across a range of sectors, including Indigenous and other local communities, industry, government, and nonprofit organizations to support sustainable land-use and policy decisions.

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