Community revegetation program at the Faro mine

Updates on community-based revegetation programs at the Faro mine in south-central Yukon

In 2020, IEG began working with Dena Cho Environmental and Remediation Inc. and CIRNAC on the revegetation program at the Faro Mine, located on Kaska traditional territory in south-central Yukon. Together, we developed a community-based revegetation strategy to help boost Ross River Dena Council involvement in the remediation efforts at the mine site.

A program overview and photo gallery for the ongoing revegetation programs at Faro is now available on Dena Cho’s website. To date, this program has focused on establishment of a tree planting program at the Faro Mine and a native plant seed collection and vegetation sampling program. This work aims to help heal the land at Faro and provide meaningful stewardship and employment opportunities for Kaska youth and Elders.

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