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Evaluating Surface Mining Reclamation Success

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Developing an ecosystem-based criteria-and-indicators framework to measure reclamation performance

Centerra Gold Inc.’s Endako Mine (Endako) is a surface molybdenum mine located in central British Columbia. Endako reclaims disturbed areas by establishing ecosystems, with the goal of replacing wildlife habitat. In 2013, IEG and Endako collaborated to develop a revised reclamation monitoring and assessment program. Our goal was for the program to support assessment of site reclamation using ecosystem-based success criteria.

The objectives of this program are to:

1. establish long-term permanent sample plots in reclaimed areas to understand reclamation trajectories and to predict long-term performance;

2. develop a criteria-and-indicators framework to evaluate reclamation success by comparing indicators on reclaimed sites to reference areas adjacent to the mine; and,

3. evaluate reclamation success at Endako using this framework, including developing recommendations for future reclamation based on study findings.