Indigenous Knowledge and Social Science Research

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The knowledge of Indigenous societies represents a deep repository of wisdom about the natural landscape and the relationships of living things (including humans) with each other and their environments. Accumulated over generations and layered with stories, cultural values, and historical significance, Indigenous knowledge provides a unique and valuable perspective that can inform and improve resource-management decisions, land-use planning, reclamation, and conservation strategies.

IEG works with communities to document Indigenous knowledge and facilitate the communication of this information among Indigenous communities, industry, and government agencies. We specialize in participatory and community engagement-based research approaches, and we are skilled in social science methodologies (including qualitative and quantitative research tools) required for the collection and analysis of Indigenous knowledge and community data. We work with communities to customize an appropriate research approach and to develop research deliverables that support and communicate the community’s cultural and environmental priorities. IEG has worked on a wide range of social science research projects ranging from focused traditional land use (TLU) studies and cultural impact assessments (CIA) with individual communities, to interdisciplinary ecosystem health assessments involving multiple regional stakeholders.